Who We Are?


The Objective of the project is to grow into a fully fledged Botanical Garden/ Ecological Park aimed at preserving, conserving and ensuring the sustainable utilization of the biodiversity of the Okavango Delta as a Ramsar Site and World Heritage Site.

The Why?

Matlapana Community Trust, a registered organisation with the Registrar of Deeds Office of the Republic of Botswana (1st of May 2006, Deed No. FT MA 115/2006). 

MCT was formed to represent the community of Matlapana village, Nxhararachaa, Gweedau and associated homesteads. The main objective of MCT is to conserve and preserve the biodiversity of Okavango Delta through its in-situ conservation of indigenous species.

Nature Conservation

Matlapana Botanical Garden, a Matlapana Community Trust (MCT) eco-tourism project located along the Thamalakane River in Maun. Is a community project meant to utilise the natural and cultural resources of the area for the benefit of the Matlapana Community, through applying environmentally friend tourism practices.